As an ICBC approved Burnaby driving school, we specialize in class 5/7 driving training. We take pride in all 25 years excellent driving record in North America and Europe. Our students acquire great defensive driving skills that will not only help them pass their road test but serve them well for life.  Location:  Very close to Patterson / Metrotown sky train station.  HERS Driving School, 4134 Maywood Street, Burnaby  Call 778.861.2676 to make an appointment.  Show courtesy to others and follow by good examples.  Do not block railway crossing  Yield to buses: it’s the law Attitude: Young people often believe that driving skills and knowledge about driving are all that is needed for them to be safe on the roads. However, one of the most important influences on driving ability is their attitude towards driving and the resultant behaviour on the road. Driver’s license: When you pass your road test, it is just a beginning: Drive Safe! Call 778.861.2676 to make an appointment. Copyright © HERS Driving School, ICBC Licensed and Bonded
Welcome to HERS Driving School Class 5/7 (ICBC licensed & bonded) Being a safe and responsible driver takes a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude. We will help you reach your goal.
Some Driving Tips: Prepare for trip. Anticipate traffic changes. Don’t let yourself get caught by surprise. Get the big picture and keep your eyes moving. (Quick scans...360° awareness) Always scan intersections before entering them (even if it is your green or no stop sign). Check your rear view mirror before braking, after completed turn, every 5 to 8 sec. or as necessary. Proper mirror check, signal and shoulder check before: lane change, pull away/pull over, lane repositioning..etc (before approx. 1m lateral movement.. remember: there could be a vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian hiding in your blind spot). Proper scan and shoulder check before turning to make sure no vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian is hiding in your blind spot. (Good timing for shoulder check is very important)! Use proper steering technique: hand over hand or shuffle (depending on the speed or turning angle). Choose correct lane and turn position. Keep safe following distance from the car in front of you. Leave yourself an out (when stopping behind another car). Watch your speed (adjust accordingly based on conditions). Watch for signs. Avoid unnecessary vehicle acceleration or deceleration: You need to anticipate traffic changes. Pace yourself. Smooth starts, smooth stops, smooth acceleration and smooth deceleration. If a speed limit is not posted before a curve, you must judge how sharp the curve is and adjust your speed accordingly. Slow down before you enter the curve. Come to complete STOPS. Scan properly. Signal your intentions and don’t forget to cancel signal. Take another driver’s signal with caution. Communicate with others: eye contact, hand gesture, honk the horn (depending on the situation: friendly tapping once or twice or in emergency continuous honking - must draw attention),  signals, flashing lights, hazard lights, tapping brakes. See and be seen are equally important. Your budget and investment: We understand that often student's budget is limited. Our rates are adjusted so that more students can afford to take driving lessons from top quality driving instructor with 25 years of driving experience in North America and Europe. Think of your driving lessons as a worthy investment in your future. Our excellent driving record, enthusiasm to transfer knowledge to new students, desire to make roads safer and all of these at low price should be enough to motivate you to start learning from us.
Prices - Practical (in car) driving training: - $60 > 1 Hour   Pick up / drop off at Patterson sky train station. - $80 > 1.5 Hour   Pick up / drop off at Patterson sky train station. - $130 > Road test car rental fee including 1 Hour               warm up for our students.   Available for our students who have already demonstrated   traffic and vehicle control skills in a safe and legal manner.   Students holding international driver’s licences who wish to   take the road test in our car will be able to do so after they   are able to demonstrate traffic and vehicle control skills in a   safe and legal manner.    Note: There are no extra charges. All prices include taxes              and are subject to change. Subjects:   1. Basic vehicle control   2. Blind zones   3. Cornering   4. Backing   5. Right of way   6. Basic Intersections   7. Curves   8. Traffic blending   9. Lane changing 10. Parking (side of the road) 11. Parallel parking 12. Hill parking 13. Stall parking (thru the stall, backing to right & left) 14. Change of direction (U-turn, 3-point & 2-point turn) 15. Complex intersections 16. Freeway Features: - Impeccable driving record all 25 yrs. - ICBC licensed and bonded - Dual control newer vehicle including steering wheel.   Not all driving school cars are equipped with dual steering   wheel as that is not ICBC requirement. However we have   it installed to ensure your maximum safety and to save you   time/money as there is no seat swapping during practical   demonstration of skills. - Annual vehicle inspection (automatic transmission) - We can book the road test for you - Besides meeting our students at Paterson sky train   station we do offer pick up / drop off for many locations.
HERS Driving School																	   4134 Maywood St. Burnaby, BC, Tel: 778.861.2676